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Ganga Channa by Terry Gajraj & Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Soca)

Description Terry Gajraj & Rikki Jai team up to do a 2019 Chutney Soca cover of Gunga Gana entitled Ganga Channa which was produced Big Rich.

Than Tana Than Pe by Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Music)

Description Than Tana Than Pe by Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Music) is a 2019 cover of the song made popular by Ramdew Chaitoe.

Born To Fete By Rikki Jai & Ravi B (2019 Chutney Soca)

Rikki Jai & Ravi B Teams Up To Bring Us A 2019 Chutney Soca Track Called Born To Fete, This Track Was Written By Rikki Jai & Ravi B, Produced By Rikki Jai, Jesse John And Big Rich, Music By Rishi Gayadeen, Joey Ramoutar And Prince Bhajman, Background Vocals By Terri Lyons, Produced At Optimus Studios & Pungalunks Factory, Mix & Mastered By Big Rich, Executive Producer By Samraj Jaimungal Cott 2018 | All Rights Reserved. Reserved.

Galia Ke Galia By Rikki Jai (2019 Chatak Matak Chutney)

Rikki Jai Does A 2019 Chatak Matak Remake Of Galia Ke Galia Originally Sang By Satyanand Rekha(Surinam). This Track Was Produced By Rishi Gayadeen & Big Rich, Mixed And Mastered By Big Rich In The Pungalunks Factory, Dholak And Dantal By Akash Daniel At Wizz Studio.

Horn Meh But Doh Leave Meh By Russell M & Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Soca)

Horn Meh But Doh Leave Meh Is A 2019 Chutney Soca Song Sung By Russell M & Rikki Jai, This Track Was Produced By Big Rich In D Pungalunks Factory.

Meh Bhougie Quarrelling by Ravi Babooram & Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Soca)

Description Ravi Babooram & Rikki Jai collaborate to deliver this 2019 Chutney Soca smash hit entitled Meh Bhougie Quarrelling. Apparently, its about his bigger brother only drinking rum and not giving her none. Full lyrics below.

Boom Boom Ko Hilao by Rikki Jai (2019 Bollywood)

Description Rikki Jai is at it again. The 9x Chutney Soca Monarch has launched Project India and is set to release his first track from that project. Boom Boom Ko Hilao is a Bollywood Hindi Pop energy filled dance track fused wit Edm tones catchy hook lines, and that definite Caribbean feel good get up and dance flavor.

The Remedy Intro Refix by D Ninja Productions (2019 Chutney Soca)

Description The Remedy Intro Refix by D Ninja Productions

The Remedy by Rikki Jai (2019 Chutney Soca)

Description Rikki Jai the Jaimaster sings a 2018 Chutney Soca adaption of Jaoon Kahan Bata Aye Dil the megahit song from the 1959 black and white movie, Chhoti Bahen and was originally sung by Mukesh. The song became a Chutney superhit in 2018 when it was covered by Rakesh Yankaran & Raymond Ramnarine.

Ah Veni by Rikki Jai

Description Rikki Jai songs a 2018 Parang entitled “Ah Veni” which depicts his intention to get a Spanish woman for the Christmas. The song was produced by Jesse John of Optimus Entertainment.