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Gunga Gana Remix by Dubraj Persad ft Ravi B (2019 Chutney Soca Music)

Description Dubraj Persad teams up with Ravi B to put a Chutney Soca spin on the Chutney hit “Gunga Gana”. This remix was produced by Basslab & Professor Bounty.

So Bring The Johnnie Walker Time To Start Over By Ravi B (2019 Chutney Soca)

So Bring The Johnnie Walker Time To Start Over Is A Chutney Soca Song Sung BY Ravi B In 2018. This Track Was Produced, Recorded Mix And Mastered By Professor Bounty Targetz Studio.

Budget By Ravi B

Description Budget Was Witten And Sung By Ravi B In (2017). This Track Was Produced By Ravi B & Anil Bissambhar @ Basslab, Mixed By Anil Bissambhar & Professor Bounty

Police By Ravi B

Description Title: Police, Artist: Ravi B, This 2018 Track Was Written By: Ravi B, Produced By: Basslab, Stemz, Professor Bounty Target.

Kasam Se By Ravi B & Nisha B

Description Ravi B & Nisha B Does A Bollywood Remix Of Kasam Se This Remix Was Produced By  Basslab Studios And Mixed & Mastered By Maha Productions.