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Tek Meh Gyul By Ravi B, Andy Singh ft Hitman

Description Tek Meh Gyul Sung By: Ravi B, Andy Singh & Hitman In (2006)

Who Guh Marry You By Adesh Samaroo

Description Who Go Marry You Sung By: Adesh Samaroo In (2004)

Lick Down Me Nani ( Careless Driver ) By Drupatee

Description Lick Down Me Nani ( Careless Driver ) Sung By: Drupatee In (1992) This Track Was Arranged By Kenny Phillips

Caroni Close Down by Adesh Samaroo

Description Caroni Close Down Was Sung By: Adesh Samaroo In (2004)

Balkissoon By Omardath Maharaj & Raymond Ramnarine

Description Title: Balkissoon, Artiste: Omardath Maharaj & Raymond Ramnarine, This Song Was Produced By: Bakyard Studios Recorded And Mastered By Nikholai Greene.

Police By Ravi B

Description Title: Police, Artist: Ravi B, This 2018 Track Was Written By: Ravi B, Produced By: Basslab, Stemz, Professor Bounty Target.

Ki Make Me Do It By Ki & The Band

Description Title: Ki Make Me Do It, Artist: Ki & The Band, This Song Was Written By: Kris “KI” Persad, Produced By: KI & Rishi Mahato of Maha Productions.

Ramsingh Sharma By Omardath Maraj & Raymond Ramnarine

Description Title: Ramsingh, Artiste: Omardath Maraj & Raymond Ramnarine, This Song Was Produced at Bakyard Studios and Mastered by Nikholai Greene.

Masala By Neval & Nishard M

Description Song: Masala, Done By Neval X & Nishard M, Written, Composed, Produced and Sung by Neval Chatelal & Nishard Mayrhoo @ Shard Studios

Head Don Bad by Raw Nitro D Raja