Goonga Gaane By Dubraj Persad (2019 Chutney Music)

What is the meaning of Gunga Gaana?


Gunga Gaana or Goonga Gaana or Gunga Ghana or Gunga Gana; however you spell it, everyone good agree that the song is catchy as f&$%!

The burning question on everyone’s lips is What is the meaning of Gunga Gaana?

Lets break it down Gunga/Goonga/Ghunga means Dumb.

Gana/Gaana/Gaane means song. There is currently no formal way to write it in Roman Hindi Script.

So we have “Gaave” which sounds like Gaaway which means Singing or to Sing.

So put it together and we have “Gunga Gana Gaaway” and it can be interpreted as “They singing dumb song(s)!”

Wow! That is a powerful statement but who are “they”?

They as per the song refers to the Chutney music Family namely singers. The dumb songs could be likened onto the proliferation of Bollyney.

Let’s go through in some detail, the english meaning of the song as expounded in the Synopsis below to gain a better understanding of the masterful lyrics used:


This song of mine is enchanting,
Open your ears and listen to the master.

This family singing dumb songs,
Their music causing nothing but trouble.

All of us including singers,
singing and enjoying these dumb songs with no shame.

In singing and enjoying the dumb songs, We are full of pride.
Don’t we realise, We are a disgrace to ourselves.

My name is Dubraj and I say if we continue such,
We deserve the birth of a bull and not a human
(he is referring to Hindu ideals of Reincarnation and Karma)
How disgraceful are we all!

So what he is saying here is that Chutney music singers need to “stop” or ruke (sounds like rookay) singing dumb songs for the people. We should feel shame what we are offering currently as Chutney music.

Basically, it is a challenge issued to Chutney singers to sing more quality songs or geet. We can gain an appreciation of the use of Hindi and Bhojpuri in the Lyrics below:

Lyrics in Devanagri & Roman Hindi

गाना मेरा जादू बड़ी
(Gáná merá jádú baří)
सुन लो मेरा दुश्मनी
(Sun lo merá dushmaní)
कान खोलो मेरा गाना को
(Kán kholo merá gáná ko)
मैं हूँ तेरा गुरु ग्यानी
(Main húñ terá guru gyání)

सब परिवार कुचुर मनावे
(Sab parivár kuchur manáwe)
गूँगा गाना गावे
(Ghúñgá gáná gáwe)

बाप मर गए बेशरम से
(Báp mar gaye besharam se)
माई करत गुमान है
(Máí karat gumán hai)
बिटिया दूसर गाना गाते
(Bițiyá dúsar gáná gáte)
लाज शरम नहीं आते है
(Láj sharam nahín áte hai)

इस परिवार कुचुर करते हैं
(Is parivár kuchur karte hain)
सब से करत अभिमान है
(Sab se karat abhimán hai)
घर घर जा के नींद करत हैं
(Ghar ghar já ke nínd karat hain)
गाना गुमान गाते हैं
(Gáná gumân gáte hain)

दूसर जनम में भैंसा होइबो
(Dúsar janam mein bhainsá hoibo)
मानुस जनम नहीं पाइबो
(Mánus janam nahín páibo)
दुबराज मेरा नाम है
(Dubraj merá nám hai)
सब परिवार गुमान रे
(Sab parivár gumán)


Translated by Dr. Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani.