ChutneyMusic.Com is a website dedicated to promoting East Indian culture in the West Indies. We aim to be a Chutney Encyclopaedia as we try to educate people about Hinduism, East Indian customs and the Hindi Language through this popular Caribbean born art form (Chutney Music).  On a daily basis Chutney music is teaching people Hindi and the beauty of it is that is does not feel like a classroom.

We have chosen to focus our website to feature Chutney Music, Chutney Soca and Bollywood Remixes.

A Bollywood remix is an original Bollywood song that has been adapted to West Indian culture meaning it has been covered or refixed by an Chutney artist or producer.

ChutneyMusic.Com showcases when available lyrics of your favorite songs, the instrumental, a listen link via YouTube and a promotional download link.

We try to be DMCA compliant as possible and if you wish to have your content takedown, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Also, if you wish to have your chutney related song featured on this website for free please Contact Us.

We Love Chutney Music!